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Conquer the Turkish market

Basics of the Turkish market

However, the Turkish economy continues to be characterised by a strong west-east gradient. Also due to legal differences, working on the Turkish market does not automatically guarantee success, but requires wide knowledge regarding the economic, legal, and tax-related conditions.

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Our training and coaching courses provide you with fundamental facts on the Turkish market.

  • Economic regional studies (development of the Turkish economy, economic framework conditions and problematic areas, industries and economic centres, export etc.)
  • Basics of Turkish law
  • Investment law and the purchase of real estate
  • Turkish company law (corporate forms, bankruptcy and insolvency law)
  • Issues of labour law and social security
  • Tax-related particularities
  • Subsidy programs



Expert lectures


Methods and formats

Basic knowledge on the Turkish economy can be conveyed during custom-tailored coaching events for individuals or small project teams, or in the form of a classical in-house workshop. The contents are continuously being updated,important developments on the Turkish market are included promptly.
Naturally, all contents are also available in written form.

Target group

  • Specialists and managers
  • Investors