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Turkey - cultural melting pot between Europe and the Orient

Turkish culture

Being a part of both Europe and the Orient, Turkey is very rich in culture.
In Istanbul, the City of two Continents, the cultural melting pot of western and oriental influences is clearly noticeable. Although the country has been strongly orientated towards the west, both politically and culturally, for many years now, it still seems somewhat strange to some Europeans due to various cultural differences. However, if one looks closer, one will see that the cultural distance is much less than first thought!

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Main entrance portal of the Dolmabahçe palace in Istanbul

Turkey's political system

Turkey is a republic. According to Article 2 of the Turkish Constitution (Anayasa), Turkey is a democratic, secular and social constitutional state. The Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923 under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk after the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the First World War.
Its current Constitution came into force in 1982.

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Business life

Turkey's economy

From the "sick man upon the Bosphorus" to one of the strongest growing markets in the world

Whilst in Germany the public perception of Turkey is focussed more on the hotly discussed negotiations on its entry into the EU, or maybe also on the problems involved with the integration of citizens of Turkish origin, Turkey has been continuously developing into an enormous growth market and industrial location since the 1980s. Because of the growing prosperity, more and more businesses are in the meantime discovering Turkey not only as an inexpensive location for purchasing, but also more and more as an important sales market.

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Flag of the Republic of Turkey

Regulatory framework Turkey

After the founding of the Turkish Republic, all important laws were rewritten.
The new legislation was, in the last instance, a direct adoption of western law.
The reception of the Swiss ZGB (Civil Code) in 1926 became a symbol of the transition from an Islamic to a secular legal system. The German legal system was especially formative for Turkey, particularly in commercial law. Companies from Germany who are keen to invest are on familiar legal ground.

Regulatory framework Turkey
Organisational and corporate culture

Turkish corporate culture

Turkey is fundamentally characterised by a strong east-west gradient, whereby the West is more Europe-oriented, the East more conservatively structured.
In order to enter the Turkish market successfully, cultural characteristics must be considered in all cases in order to minimise company-internal resistance and/or conflict between the corporate partners.

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Business encounters

Successful business relations with Turkey

Due to the cultural differences between the western European countries and Turkey, the establishment of new business relations with Turkish partners a critical phase. In order to ensure the success of important projects, it is recommended to makeuse of project-related coaching. You can, however, find some important basic rules online.

Some basic rules for business contacts with Turkey