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Cultural and linguistic diversity

Focus inter-cultural competence

A company conducting business in Turkey, posting employees to Turkey or intending to particularly target Turkish customers in Germany, requires comprehensive understanding of Turkish culture among its management staff.

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Our training and coaching courses illustrate the mind and action patters in Turkey and Germany which are characterised by socio-cultural influences. The aim is to be able to correctly assess professional and everyday situations with Turkish partners, and to successfully pursue one's own objectives against the background of the cultural differences. We will take a closer look at:

  • Common problems in communications during negotiations and meetings
  • Early identification and constructive handling of potential inter-cultural areas of conflict
  • Successful negotiationsnbspwith Turkish customers
  • Issues of personnel management


Guidance of activities


Coaching and training

Methods and formats

Inter-cultural competence can only be obtained throughown activities.
This means that activating methods and everyday situations are required for learning. Learning can take place during custom-tailored coaching events for individuals or small project teams, or in the form of activity-oriented trainings for a maximum of 10 to 15 participants. 



Using the contrast-culture-method, we will work on specificpractical cases. 
Role playsmakeit possible to experience the subtle differences in the approaches taken by Germans and Turks and provide the chance to practice, in order to successfully act in an inter-cultural context.

Target group

  • Management, specialists
  • German employees prior to extended temporary employment in Turkey