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Personnel accounting

Wage and salary processing

If new subsidiaries are to be established in Turkey, this leads to entirely different questions with regard to the correct processing of wages and salaries.
This relates to employees posted in Turkey from Germany, as well as to the local Turkish employees. With our offices and cooperation partners in Turkey, you have a strong partner at your side - for both cases.

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Optimum division of labour

Similar to financial accounting, day-to-day personnel accounting also allows various forms of division of labour between the human resources department in your company, our law firm and our Turkish cooperation partners. Our modern infrastructure and our experienced team ensure an optimum and rapid processing of wages and salaries.

Topics and services:

  • Clarification of all relevant aspects of the posting of German employees to Turkey
  • Processing of all necessary formalities for day-to-day wage and salary accounting for the employees at your Turkish subsidiaries.
  • Registration and de-registration with health insurance companies, insurance providers and employers' liability insurance associations
  • Consultancy services for issues relating to labour law (employment, dismissal etc.) for German and Turkish empoyees

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