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Our management consultants ensure successful transactions, capital procurement and investments

Advisory in matters relating to capital & investment in Turkey

Whenever larger transactions are made in an international context,a prudent and proactive approach is indispensable. The interdisciplinary team of our management consultancy department has the necessary skills in order to successfully manage such activities in Turkey from a comprehensive perspective.

Purchase and sale of a business

Purchase and sale of a business in Turkey

The sale of a company involves enormous risks for sellers and purchasers, and therefore needs to be prepared comprehensively and systematically,
even though the underlying reasons differ: Sellers and purchasers both are dependent on an exact and clear analysis of the company or part of a company which is to be sold, as well as on the best possible planning of the sales process.

Purchase and sale of a business in Turkey
Financing concept and procurement of subsidies

Financing and subsidies

If you do not have the capital required for urgent investments, the issue of a suitable financing concept arises.We will provide objective consultancy services during the procurement of the necessary capital,nbspwill assist you during negotiations with banks and potential investors and in the handling of all necessary formalities.


Financing and subsidies