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Right of abode and immigration law

Right of abode and immigration law in Turkey

Issues of focus:

Residence permits for German employees in Turkey • Resolution No. 1/80 of the EU-Turkey Association Council • Bilateral agreement on posting of workers • Admission of foreign employees


Turkish inheritance law

Turkish inheritance law

Issues of focus:

certificate of inheritance  • recognition in Turkey • Turkish inheritance law • Inheritance in Turkey • house / apartment inherited in Turkey • property inherited in Turkey • inheritance and German-Turkish marriages

Family law

Family law in Turkey

Issues of focus:

Turkish family law • recognition of divorce decisions Germany and Turkey • division of assets • alimony • child custody and right of contact with the children under Turkish family law

Trade and company law

Business law in Turkey

  • Legal consultancy with a focus on Turkey
  • Turkish trade and company law
  • Establishment of, and participating interest in, companies in Turkey
  • Joint ventures with a Turkish partner company