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Ensuring repayment of loans from Turkey

Ensuring repayment of loans from Turkey

Is your bank facing the problem that a loan is not being repaid, because the debtor has relocated his or her place of residence to Turkey? In this case, you can use the investigation services of our collection department.

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By using all available legal and technical means, we will initially identify your debtor's place of residence, and whether he or she owns any movable or immovable property at this location. We will then provide you with a detailed report on the results of this investigation.

Legal work

If you then wish to collect the claim through the courts, if necessary, our authorised staff will take action in Turkey. A one-off payment to us will cover all costs of the proceedings up to the  Yargıtay (highest Turkish civil and criminal court), including costs of levy of execution by the involved law firms.
Additional lawyers fees will not be charged.