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Lawyers costs

Fees for legal advice, mediation and proceedings before arbitral tribunals and courts

Do you need initial consultancy by a lawyer in order to have the chances of success of a case assessed professionally? The fees for such services depend on the value of the object in dispute, the necessary work involved, and the level of difficulty. For the benefit of the client, the fee for the initial consultancy will be set off in full against the remuneration charged for a potential subsequent assignment.

Further information on our fees for legal services
Fees for tax consultants

Fees for our services in the area of tax consultancy

Our consultancy fees are based on the rules on tax consultant fees (StBGebV).
According to these rules, the issues to be taken into consideration for the determination of the fee are, among others, the client's economic capacity, the value of the subject matter and the hours of work required. We will be pleased to submit a specific offer upon request.

Fees for our services in the area of tax consultancy
Costs for interpreters and translators

Remuneration for translation and interpreting services

The fees charged for our translations are based on line prices customary in the trade. One standard line corresponds to 50 characters, not including spaces. Lump-sum fees can be agreed for larger orders, depending on the scope, level of difficulty and subject area.

Remuneration for translation and interpreting services
Framework agreements for companies and banks

Framework agreements and lump-sum fees for companies and banks

For our regular business partners, we offer custom-tailored framework contracts. In particular for support services in out-of-court matters, we offer the option of monthly lump-sum fees. Lump-sum fees are also offered for loan collections from countries outside Germany. For you, this ensures a high level of cost transparency.

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Financing litigation

Financing litigation

Do you wish to enforce a payment claim (for instance damages, claims from an inheritance or contractual claims etc.) against a solvent debtor? Are you discouraged by the litigation costs? In this case, litigation financing may be helpfu

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